Indian Administrative Services(IAS) is the most coveted post in India with tough competition at all levels. But bureaucracy in India is  controlled by politicians and they are tied down; letting corruption spread its wings taking the law and order in its hands.

The latest case is of the suspension of a 29 year old woman IAS officer- Durga Shakti Nagpal in Noida ,Uttar Pradesh by the Chief Minister. Her mistake was that she came down heavily against the sand mining mafia who are illegally involved in removing sand from river banks and have the political backing.


why I write about her? Its common in India for the IAS officers to dance at the political tunes. So what’s new?

Its probably very few women executives who have the will power and courage to take on the corrupt system head on. Not even bothered about their personal or professional security; this dynamic officers are the face of that young India who are tired of the corrupt ways of the government and their nexus with the businessmen and the criminals. Durga Shakti reminds us of the fact that we Indians want they can stand up against corruption in Public office despite consequences.

A honest woman officer suspended for carrying out her duties, doing her work. This is the reality of India in 2013- educated youth trying to change the face of India and take on the corrupt politicians…….an effort which cannot and should not go un noticed.