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imagesCAYG3NRQI am single and way past marriageable age. OMG….still I have to answer all the questions about why I am not married…..I think everyone thinks me to be in a pitiable condition and the advises are umpteen. In India it is a norm ” to settle down”. So till this time of my life I should have found a male with a fat bank balance and at least two kids…..Its so difficult to make anyone understand that not all women see a Man as an ATM machine; the woman psyche can demand attachment, companionship and understanding in a mutual relationship.

It’s a choice and not a compulsion …its better to be single than to make a misfit or choice. Let me put it my way….I still did not manage to get a better fit ;I mean better half

There are many indian women who prefer to go single than to be in a repressive and monotonous relationship; those who want to discover themselves with a suitable companion.They are happy with their single status…they are economically self sufficient and enjoy their lives. But the society still has to come to terms with this liberated single and free woman……..dats a long way in this country